“I can’t speak.” These were the words Moses used to question God’s call on his life. This is the same Moses who is arguably the greatest prophet, leader, and deliverer that ancient Israel ever had.

Have you ever thought that God’s call on your life is more than you are able to achieve?

Do you sometimes feel inadequate?

Are you often overwhelmed with the task you have before you because it’s too big for you? 

If so, chances are, you are right where you are supposed to be!

God sees you, hears you, and knows you! He’s summed up the events of your life and intricately woven your experiences to prepare you for what’s next, just as He did for Moses.

Protection as a Child

Moses grew up in a palace with the daughter of Pharoah, Egypt’s oppressive Ruler. While he was a Hebrew by birth, he grew up as an Egyptian.

When Moses was born, Egypt ruled over and enslaved the Hebrews (later called Israelites). The reigning Pharoah was afraid of the growing number of Israelites, so he issued an order to control the population. He commanded all the Hebrew mothers to throw their newborn sons into the Nile River after birth. Can you imagine how horrifying that would be?

Moses’ mother believed in the Hebrew God and couldn’t follow through to throw her son into the river. So, she kept him hidden for a few months. When she could no longer keep him concealed, she placed her son in the Nile River in a basket so that he could float. Shortly after that, he was discovered by Pharoah’s daughter, who then had compassion on him and adopted him into her family. She named him “Moses,” which means “drawn out,” as she drew him out of the water.

God delivered Moses from being killed as a child. He put him in the Egyptian palace. He allowed Moses to grow up with the learning of an Egyptian while still worshipping God as a Hebrew. Moses looked like an Egyptian and was known as an Egyptian. But deep down inside, he wasn’t.  So, who was in a better position to deliver the Hebrews than Moses?

Preparation to Lead

Yet, when God told Moses to go to Egypt and deliver His people from enslavement, Moses said: “I can’t speak.”

Why did Moses feel inadequate when he was, in fact, the most qualified to do this job?

Perhaps as Moses grew up, he never quite fit in with the Egyptian crowd. Maybe he felt awkward and uncomfortable with his true identity since the Jewish people were slaves of the Egyptians.

Possibly, as a young man, he was even full of anger, which motivated him to settle a dispute between an Egyptian and an oppressed Hebrew slave by intervening and killing the Egyptian. As the word got out, and Pharoah threatened Moses’ life, maybe it was fear that drove him to escape to Midian to start a new life in the desert.

As Moses established his new life, family, and home in Midian, he probably thought he would stay there forever. And he did live there for many years.

Purposed to Deliver

But Moses could not escape God’s call on his life, even after running away to the desert. Near Mount Horeb, which means “desolate,” God found Moses isolated and once again “drew him out” of his solitude. After much convincing, Moses said YES. And his YES brought freedom to an entire nation.

Have you ever felt afraid of the very thing God has called you to do?

Have you thought that you didn’t have what it takes to succeed?

Do you sometimes want to run away?

Perhaps you are a Moses and are called to be a deliverer. Maybe God is drawing you out of your comfort zone and bringing you to a place of trusting him more. Maybe you’ve been in a season of being hidden, and He is bringing you into the open to bring freedom to others.

You may not think you have what it takes, but He does! He chose you! And He knows where you have been in life and what was necessary to get you to this point. Your YES to follow Him as He calls, though it may be both the hardest or scariest thing you have ever done, will one day result in deliverance too!



Exodus 1-6

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