In the deep recesses of the soul

Darkness resides

And I find myself struggling to see

What I once thought was light

Has grown so dim

And the audible voice I once heard

Now silent


All alone I find myself groping

For anything soul-quenching

But all I taste is sour

And the smell a strong stench

In this deep dark abyss


Is there hope to emerge

As a free bird

Or will like always be spent

Reaching through darkness

In vain

to fulfill a longing that will

Forever remain


My body grows limp and faint

At every turn

And I feel doom is certain

For my breath is running out


So tired of fighting

I grasp my arms around my chest

In desperation

And realize I am now

Broken into pieces


Fear overtakes me

As I faintly scream

One last cry for help

And shut my eyes to die.


Then, suddenly I am


By a brilliant light

Shining in my face


All is clear, crisp, and bright

The fresh air

Soothes my heart

And I realize

My death

has now freed me to live


Wrapped in warmth,

My soul is now elevated

With a radiance like never before

A gentle breeze launches me

To fly like an eagle


And from the heights

My new eyes allow me to see

The pain I endured was worth it

For I am now Free


And what seemed like a

Fierce deal

Was really

Breaking me free from

My cocoon

To become who I was

created and destined to be.

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