The heart is the center of life. When it is working optimally, life flows to every part of the body. When it is not working, life stops. Our very existence is regulated by a driving force hidden beneath our skin. We can’t see it, but we know we can’t live without it.

Just as each of us has a physical heart, we also have a spiritual heart. Our spiritual heart drives our beliefs, actions, values, and behaviors. Just as a healthy diet contributes to strengthening our physical hearts, the fuel we feed our spiritual hearts will either propel or flatten our internal wellbeing. We can either be successful, strong, and healthy, or weak and ineffective.

This site is dedicated to helping us awaken, nourish, and calibrate the spiritual heart within us to empower us to live fully and wholly.  The Whole Heart Whole Body community believes we all are created for greatness! We also believe each of us can rise up above any difficult circumstances we have experienced in life! Whether we have walked through joys or sorrows, failures or successes, or wins or losses, our hearts can be nourished strengthened to reach our fullest potential.  We are excited you are joining us as we calibrate and strengthen our hearts!